Vascular laser treatment

We use the Vbeam pulsed-dye laser (Candela, USA), one of the most respected vascular lasers with dynamic cooling. The cooling renders the laser treatment almost painless.

Vascular laser treatment is used to manage the following problems:


The laser beam reacts with the red blood dye producing heat, which causes the disruption of the vessel and its subsequent absorption. After the procedure, the treated area temporarily darkens, but the darkening disappears within 10 days and the skin lesion fades. We provide treatment according to the advice of a doctor, and we thoroughly protect the skin from sunlight (due to a risk of pigmentation of the treated site).

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Prices of vascular laser treatment

Initial consultation with a physician CZK 400
Trial procedure up to 10 pulses CZK 450
Additional pulses, from 11 to 50 pulses CZK 55 / pulse
Additional pulses, from 51 to 100 pulses CZK 45 / pulse
Additional pulses, above 100 pulses CZK 35 / pulse

All prices are inclusive of VAT

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