Smoothbeam acne laser treatment

The Smoothbeam laser is used to manage the following problems:

Acne is a skin disease resulting from hormonal changes, bacteria present on the skin, and blockage of sebaceous glands. It affects mainly younger people, but can occur at any age. With Smoothbeam laser treatment, we achieve a significant improvement in acne manifestations of all stages, including both fresh inflammation and acne scars.


Laser radiation is absorbed by cellular water and induces heating of the sebaceous glands. This results in opening of the follicular orifices and reduced sebum production. The procedure is non-invasive, without damaging the skin surface.

It is advisable to repeat the treatment several times, or it can be combined with other methods.

Skin sensitivity

The entire procedure is relatively well tolerated due to effective dynamic cooling. For greater comfort, we can apply a numbing cream.

Healing time

Immediately after the procedure, the skin will be slightly reddened. You will treat the skin according to your doctor's advice. UV protection is necessary.

More about the procedure

Prices of Smoothbeam laser treatment

Initial consultation with a physician CZK 400
1 treatment, face CZK 3,300
3 treatments, face (prepaid) CZK 8,800
1 treatment, face and neck CZK 4,400
3 treatments, face and neck (prepaid) CZK 11,000
1 treatment, décolletage CZK 3,300
3 treatments, décolletage (prepaid) CZK 8,800
1 treatment, back CZK 15,000

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Before Smoothbeam laser treatment
After Smoothbeam laser treatment

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