Intense pulse light treatment

Intense pulse light treatment is a light source intended to manage the following problems:


The transmitted light enters the skin and creates optimal conditions for new collagen production. After passing through the surface skin layers, it is absorbed by an irregular pigment and melts down the skin dye (melanin) to small particles that are discharged to the surface or ingested and gradually absorbed by white blood cells.

The procedure should be repeated for optimal results.

Skin sensitivity

The pain during the procedure can be compared to repeated snapping by a rubber band.

Healing time

Immediately after the procedure, the skin becomes red and lightly burns, while at the place of irregular pigment, the feeling is stronger, and the skin may darken immediately.

On the next day, the skin is free of redness, and a blister, crust, or coarse skin with subsequent peeling may occur at the area of pigmentation. The skin heals very quickly.

During the healing period, the skin should be protected from UV rays.

More about the procedure

Prices of treatment: Intense pulse light treatment

Initial consultation with a physician CZK 400
Face CZK 3,300
Face & chemical peeling CZK 5,000
3 sessions, face CZK 8,800
Neck from CZK 1,650
Décolletage CZK 2,200
backs of the hands from CZK 1,650

A combination of rejuvenation methods

We recommend a combination of rejuvenation methods that enhance the rejuvenation effects. In one session, the laser is combined with IPL 2 times at 1-month intervals. The suitable combination will be recommended by your doctor during the initial consultation.

The first session is e.g. Smoothbeam rejuvenation & IPL
The second session is e.g. Laser rejuvenation & IPL

The total price of combined rejuvenation (i.e. 4 treatments in 2 sessions) is CZK 13,200
All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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