Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is a skin rejuvenation method that involves a controlled process for removing dead skin cells, resulting in better skin appearance.


Dermoscopy is a professional, non-invasive examination of pigmented marks and their possible changes.

Fractional laser

At our facility we use two types of fractional lasers: the fractional CO2 laser MiXto SX and Er.:YAG fractional laser (Fotona).

Fractional radiofrequency

We use facial radiofrequency to treat the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, back of hands, and scars.

Laser biostimulation (red laser therapy)

Laser biostimulation is performed with the “Maestro” semiconductor laser. This laser is used to improve the healing of fresh wounds and scars, to treat cold sores, and in focal hair loss.

Laser gel mask

Laser gel mask is a cosmetic treatment of the face, neck and décolletage, combining the effects of bicarbonate gel with biostimulation laser.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is used to achieve the permanent reduction of unwanted hair.

Laser vaporization

A laser beam can be used to gradually vaporize the skin by layers having hundredths of a millimeter in thickness.

Meso thread lift treatment

Meso thread lift treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that effectively regenerates collagen in the skin through absorbable meso threads, creating a type of collagen mesh that strengthens sagging skin and skin contours. 

Plasma IQ

Plasma IQ treats the skin with energy created by ionizing air particles. It is an innovative, rejuvenating treatment which utilises the forth state of matter: plasma.

Plasma therapy

Plasma therapy is an effective new method from the group of injection revitalization procedures.

Removal of facial expression wrinkles

The application of botulinum toxin is very simple, effective and elegant. The principle of the method is weakening the activity of facial expression muscles involved in the formation of wrinkles.


Sclerotherapy is used to manage vascular problems.

Skin implants (fillings)

The application of a skin implant is a simple and quick technique that does not intrude on clients’ normal life.

Skin rejuvenation

Rejuvenation is a gentle treatment of the skin with high performance, non-ablative lasers. 

Skin rejuvenation using mesotherapy

Mesotherapy reduces and slows down the aging process of the skin, making it quite optimal for aging skin. Its main effect is skin regeneration and hydration, fine wrinkle smoothing, and improved skin appearance and quality.

Skin rejuvenation – Hydrolifting

Hydrolifting is a technique for skin tightening by direct application of hyaluronic acid with excellent hydration capacity to replace its gradual loss.

Smoothbeam laser

The Smoothbeam laser is used to manage the following problems: acne, scars, oily skin. 

Surgical excision

We will surgically remove the birthmark under local anesthesia and suture the small wound. Everything is performed under strictly sterile conditions.

Vascular laser

We use the Vbeam pulsed-dye laser (Candela, USA), one of the most respected vascular lasers with dynamic cooling.

Vital Injector

Vital injector is a unique device (gun) that rejuvenates and hydrates the skin.