Dermoscopy is a professional, non-invasive examination of pigmented marks and their possible changes.

It is used primarily for:

The incidence of malignant skin melanoma has been increasing greatly and therefore examination is very important. Many marks usually present on the human body do not pose any danger, but some types of marks may indicate a potential hazard.



Dermoscopy allows multiple magnifications of pigmented marks. Under high power magnification, the doctor may better assess whether or not the examined mark is dangerous.

Digital dermoscopy

Digital dermoscopy is operated using sophisticated mark analyzer software. It allows up to 70 times magnification of the pigmented mark. With this generation of digital dermoscopes, we have the ability to precisely map the mark of a given client and to make a qualified decision about the correct further procedure in relation to the client's requirements regarding this mark, all within several seconds. With this system, we can calculate whether the lesion is benign or malignant. We can also accurately compare the development of the mark over time, including the ability to archive and export data.

Pricelist of dermoscopy

Initial consultation with a physician CZK 400
Examination of 1 pigmented mark CZK 220
Every additional mark CZK 55
Examination by digital dermoscopy: 1 mark CZK 330
Examination by digital dermoscopy: 5 marks CZK 1,320
Examination by digital dermoscopy: 10 marks CZK 2,200

All prices are inclusive of VAT.


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